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Each AI player has a Tech Level. This level is displayed as a roman numeral between parenthesis just next to the AI Progress in the resource bar.


This Tech Level is the minimum Mark of the ships used by that AI in its Waves and Reinforcement.

If there are two numerals shown instead of one, that means that the two AI players are using different tech levels at present. This can happen if the AI players have different difficulty levels set, or if only one of the AI players is technologist, etc. (Having one AI player as a technologist does NOT impart the higher tech to the second AI player).


The Mark Level depends on the current AI Progress, and the thresholds depends on the AI's Difficulty. These thresholds are calculated as follow.

  • Mark II: 300 - ( 10 x Difficulty of AI Player )
  • Mark III: 800 - ( 10 x Difficulty of AI Player )
  • Mark IV: 1200 - ( 10 x Difficulty of AI Player )

For a Technologist AI Type, if their level would be II or higher, they are instead Mark IV. If they would be below Mark II, they will instead be Mark III.

Additionally, when playing on a difficulty of 9.3 or greater, the threshold for Mk II (not Mk III or Mk IV) is further lowered by an additional ( Difficulty - 9 ) * 200. This means that the Mark II thresholds are 148/85/43/0 AIP for difficulty 9.3/9.6/9.8/10. As this additional modifier lowers the Mark II threshold to 0 for difficulty 10, the AI does indeed start by sending Mark II waves at the beginning of the game.

So, for example, when playing against a level 5 AI the AI would tech up as follows:

  • Mark II at AI Progress 250 (300 - 50)
  • Mark III at AI Progress 750 (800 - 50)
  • Mark IV at AI Progress 1150 (1200 - 50)