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The explosions from these minefields also effect other enemy ships that are close by. These are obviously useful for taking out groups of ships, but they are also useful for hitting ships that have Mine Avoidance -- those ships can still get caught in the blasts of area minefields that are triggered by another ship.

This unit is a Minefield and shares some perks with the other types.


Ship Cap Ammo Type Armor Type Immunities Damage Bonuses
294 Refractive Blade Attacks, Fusion Cutters, Reclamation, Paralysis Attacks, Transport, Swallow, Force Fields

Damage Attack Range Reload Health Armor Speed Engine Health Single Ship DPS Ship Cap DPS Abilities
sec 840,000 0 0 Inf -- dmg/sec -- dmg/sec Cloaking, Blind

Knowledge Metal Cost Crystal Cost Total Cost Energy Cost Build Time Cap Metal Cost Cap Crystal Cost Cap Total Cost Cap Energy Cost Cap Build Time
2,000 40 80 120 0 00:00:46 11,760 23,520 35,280 0 03:45:24