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This page or section is out of date and should not be referenced

Astro Trains no longer rely on Dark Matter weapons to do damage - see Astrotrain for full details

What Are Counter-Dark-Matter Turrets Good For?

A: Counter-Dark-Matter Turrets give a protective shield against any ships that fire dark matter beams. This is mostly Astro Trains and Munitions Boosters in the base game, but other specialized ships in The Zenith Remnant also use dark matter attacks.

The most common use for them is against Astro Trains -- on the higher difficulties, Astro Trains will come right into your planets, and they will make short work of most turrets or heavy defenses that you would typically use to barricade a wormhole. This can make proper wormhole defense impossible unless you destroy some Astro Train Stations to reroute the trains -- or unless you unlock and then build some Counter-Dark-Matter Turrets to protect your other turrets.

  • Note: These were previously called Counter-Negative-Energy Turrets (and the attacks were called Negative Energy attacks), but this was confusing terminology, so it was changed.

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