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This page is up to date for version 8.024 and should still be correct.

Energy is a resource that is not gathered, stored and consumed but rather available and allowed to units. Energy generators increase the balance and most units decrease the balance.

Energy Production

Several buildings increase the energy balance:

Energy Debt

While it's impossible to build new units without enough energy, there is some ways for an energy balance to go below 0. The most common is the destruction of an energy producing unit. Also, there is some ways to capture power consuming units without building them, like blowing up a Zenith Reserve.

When an energy balance is between 0 and -30,000 the player is in "low power" state. No more units requiring energy can be built because there is no energy left, but things will continue to run normally.

Below -30,000 energy, a player is in "brown out" state. Most units can still move and attack, but:

However, gravity turrets continue to provide their gravity field.