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Fortresses are defensive structures that share several mechanisms.

  • They have lots of health.
  • They have the Ultra-Heavy Hull Type and are sensible to Bombers.
  • They do only 1% damage to Polycrystal units (bombers are polycrystal).
  • They can repair adjacent units (but must recharge 60 seconds after moving).
  • They require Supply and can't attack without (but can be used in a beachhead strategy).
  • They are mobile but slow and can't cross wormholes (this is comparable to Force Fields movement, meant for repositioning rather than tactical maneuvers).
Extremely large, powerful, and expensive mobile defensive structure.
Vastly scaled down version of an extremely large, powerful, and expensive mobile defensive structure. Developed to utilize local resources as an alternate support mechanism. Each planet can only support a few, and they are much less powerful than their normal-sized cousins, but there is no galaxy-wide cap on how many you can build. Useful for defending outlying systems when you cannot spare turrets or ships from your main defenses.
Modular Fortress
A combination of salvaged Spire modular technology and Human fortress designs. EXTREMELY large, powerful, and expensive mobile defensive structure.
Modular Fortress Command Station
Most AI command stations are relatively fragile targets. THIS command station is something else. It is big. It is modular. And it is not happy.
Incredibly powerful fortress with a massive range.