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How Do I Use The Priority Buttons In The Galaxy Map?

Q: I saw the brief explanation of these in the first in-game tutorial, but I've never really figured out the best way to set priorities. What should I set as P0, P1, P9, etc?

A: This was something we intentionally left up to the player. You're free to come up with your own meaning and notation system, which can be as sophisticated or as simple as you like. Here at Arcen Games, however, we tend to use this following system of meanings when we play:

  • P0: Nothing Particularly Interesting At This Planet
  • P1: Nothing We Want Here, And Something Negative Is Here
  • Optional P2: Something We Might Want A Little Is Here (Normally a P3), And Something Negative Is Here
  • P3: Data Center or Similar Low-Priority Target (often fabricators also)
  • P5: Advanced Factory, Fabricator We're Really Interested In, Or Similar Moderately-Desirable Capturable
  • Optional P8: Possible Core Planet, Or Planet With A Bunch of Stuff We Might Want
  • P9: Advanced Research Station, AI Home Planet, or Other Highly Valuable Prize

The higher numbers trump the lower ones in this system -- so if a planet has an Advanced Research Station and anything else, it's a P9. If it has a Data Center and an Advanced Factory, it's a P5. The reason we use the P0 to mark uninteresting planets is so that we know when we've analyzed a planet. That way it's easy to spot planets that have been recently been scouted for the first time (and which therefore need to be prioritized), and we don't repeatedly look back at the same planets over and over again.

Changing Priority Settings

  • To change a previously set priority setting choose a new priority setting then [LEFT Click] on the system in question to change the priority setting to the new value.

Clearing Priority Settings

  • To remove a priority setting, choose a priority setting then [RT Click] on the system in question to clear the previous setting.

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