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How Do I Get More Knowledge?

Q: I've used up all the knowledge I have. How do I get more?

A: Each individual planet will only give each player a maximum of 3,000 knowledge. You can look at the Intel Summary in the Galaxy View to see how much knowledge you've received from each planet. If you control a planet that hasn't been exhausted, send your science lab(s) there.

If you've completely exhausted all of your planets, then the general thing to do is to take an enemy planet -- you should be doing that anyway, if you can. If you can't muster the forces to take any enemy planets, then what you could do is establish a beachhead on a neutral or hostile planet you have supply to. If the planet is neutral (no AI command station) then any Science Lab can gather knowledge on that planet. Hostile planets require that you build the Science Lab Mark 3 on the hostile planet itself. The Mark 3 takes a long time to build, is immobile, and requires a lot more resources than other labs. The presence of a Mark 3 Lab also enrages the local AI, so be prepared to defend it.

NOTE: The Mark 3 Lab is intended as a last resort when you cannot gain additional knowledge any other way. It uses the Hacking mechanic, introduced in 5.028 and refined since then. Your best bet to get up to date information on hacking will always be from the change-log found here: Version 5 changelog

An overview of Hacking mechanics and expected results can be found here: AI War:Hacking

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