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What Are The Rules For Gifting Ships Between Players?

Q: I'm playing a game, in which I apparently can't give units. My partner tried to gift me some as well, and that failed too. Is this a bug?

A: The main rule is that you can only give units both of you have access to and which don't go over your unit limits.

Q: So would it work in this situation? I have parasites, and they took over a tier 3 Tank. I try to give it to my ally, who started with tanks. Should that work?

A: That will work if your buddy has tier 3 tanks unlocked. He has to have tier 3 tanks specifically, not just tanks in general. This prevents people from cheating the pop caps and avoiding knowledge expenditures -- for example, if you and I are playing, and you unlock Anti-Armor Mark II and I unlock Raid Starships II, then I could just give you Raid Starships and you could give me Anti-Armors, and we'd be cheating the knowledge unlocks and making everything a lot easier.

Parasites let you capture ships that you otherwise could never have, but that ability doesn't transfer to giving captured ships to allies. A ship captured by parasites is no different than a ship built from a dock, and as such as the same gifting restrictions.

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