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AA - Anti-Armor, a bonus fleet ship.

AAR - After action report, a player's recount of a game. Found on a dedicated board in the Arcen Games forums.

AIP - AI Progress, a measure of the strength of the AIs' response to the player(s).

Antimatter Starship - A starship from older versions now replaced by the Plasma Siege Starship.

Awesomebomb - Zenith AutoBomb, a bonus fleet ship.

Autopod - Autocannon Minipod, a bonus fleet ship.

Blobbing - A simple military tactic of ammassing most or all mobile military ships into one great "blob".

BHM - Black Hole Machine, a structure that prevents most enemy ships from leaving a planet.

Cinthian - Grand; epic; CPU-melting.

Control node - Part of the interface long ago replaced with the CTRLS button.

Cookie monster - A gluttonous azure demon with a voracious appetite. May also refer to the Devourer Golem.

CPA - Cross planet attack, a massive distributed fleetship attack the AIs launch against the player(s) every few hours.

Dreadnought - Either a starship from older versions now replaced by the Plasma Siege Starship, or an extremely powerful Spire warship.

Exo or Exo-wave - Exogalactic Strikeforce, a powerful, often distributed attack comprising a variety of ships launched by the AI from outside the galaxy in response to player use of super-weapons.

Glass, as in "under glass" - Protected by a (generally free-standing) force field.

Hack - See AI War:Hacking.

HBC - Heavy Beam Cannon, referring to the Heavy Beam Turret or a similar module.

Honeycomb - Spire Tractor Platform, a hexagon-shaped bonus fleet ship.

IRE - Impulse Reaction Emitter, a bonus fleet ship. May also refer to a module for Champion ships or modular fortresses.

Light Starship - A starship from older versions now replaced by the Mark I Flagship.

LRM - Long range missile, generally referring to Missile Turrets.

Neuter - Destroy some or all non-wormhole guard posts and sometimes other structures in an AI-held system, to control re-inforcements or facilitate safe passage of your ships.

OMD - Orbital Mass Driver, a structure that attacks larger enemy ships from long range.

Perma-cloaked - Describes ships having both cloaking and immunity to tachyon beams; see here.

Refleet - Replace lost mobile military ships.

Replicator - Zenith Viral Shredder, a bonus fleet ship.

SBS - Spire Blade Spawner, a bonus fleet ship.

Squid - The Teuthida, a "brutal pick" Core Guard Post.

SSB - Spire Stealth Battleship, a bonus fleet ship.

ST - SuperTerminal, a structure that can be captured to reduce AIP for as long as it can be held.

Tachyon - Tachyon beams are emitted by certain ships and reveal cloaked ships for a few seconds.

TBS - Teleport Battle Station, a bonus fleet ship.

TDL - Tackle Drone Launcher, a bonus fleet ship.

Whipping boy - A heavily fortified player-owned planet dedicated to receiving waves and possibly other attacks.

Zelec - Zenith Electric Bomber, a bonus fleet ship.

Zombard - Zenith Bombard, a bonus fleet ship.

ZPG - Zenith Power Generator.

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