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How Do I Effectively Attack Lightning Turrets And Electric Shuttles?

A: When it comes to electric shuttles or lightning turrets, you'll often find them clustered around a wormhole that you have to go through. If you're just sending through lots of little ships that are ill-equipped to face them, then that's a strategic mistake because often those little ships all disappear in one big poof. Better to send through a few lightning warheads of your own, or to send through a mix of ships that are specifically good at defeating lightning turrets, or ships with large amounts of health (starships, etc) which are therefore not terrible weak to area of effect attacks. Then send in the little guys once the immediate threat is removed.

If your problem is that your ships are running around on offense and getting slaughtered, then you might be trying to use Free Roaming Defender Mode offensively. Using FRD mode offensively is usually suicide, and not something that's a good idea in general.

With the 4.0 version, these units are less effective than in prior versions and as long as you attack them with units that they do not have a hull bonus against, they'll fare pretty well due to the low damage output (400 for shuttles, 800 for turrets) even with their near-absolute armor piercing.

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