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To keep everything consistent, here are the guidelines for editing and creating pages relating to AI War on the wiki.

1) All AI War pages must have a category at the top. To parse correctly, categories have double brackets at the front also. List of categories here

At a minimum, all pages should have:
[Category:AIWar]] It is a page relating to AI War
[Category:AIWarBase]] Which expansion was the page topic introduced in? If in doubt use Base. Valid categories are Base, CoN, ZR, LotS
Pages such as strategies should use Base if they don't refer to objects that were introduced in an expansion.

2) The first line visible to the reader will be the patch level of the last time the information on the page was verified. This only have to be shown on pages with hard data such as ship descriptions. Pages such as strategy suggestions that don't have a patch level can omit this. This is done with a template so for patch 5.024 insert the following line.


Note that templates for patch 5.023 and earlier do not exist as all pages on the wiki should be confirmed over the next few months to the current game version.

3) Add or edit the page as you wish. To avoid repeating numbers 3 times, all information entered in the Wiki is to be for Normal ship caps. If you wish to make a note about low or high ship caps, explicitly state which information is relevant to low or high caps on the page where you are entering the information.

4) Check the templates for a navigation table appropriate to the page you are creating.

5) Save your changes and post them to the wiki.