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This page is a work in progress. Some information may not be up to date, difficult to read, unfinished, etc.

Some planets on each map will have unusual (and extra difficult) defensive setups. These are known as "subcommander systems." Subcommanders have access to the special pool of Exotic Guard Posts and special Command Stations which they choose and place according to their personality.

Subcommander Type Favorite Special Stations Favorite Rare Guard Posts Description
Bunkerer Translocator, ??? Spire Shield, Enclave, Gravity, Munition Boosting, Plasma, Sniper, ??? The Command Station and all guardposts (except Wormhole) are way off to the side of a system, away from wormholes. Uses lots of Spire Shield and combat guard posts.
Lobber Missile, ??? Sniper, Implosion, Plasma, ??? Focuses on long-range Guardposts.
Obstructionist Translocator, Widow, Munitions Boosting, ??? Spire Shield Sphere, Tractor, Widow, Disassembler, ??? Puts Spire Shield Guardposts over the wormholes - You can get in, but not out.
Rude Gesture Gravitic, Munition Boosting, ??? Spire Shield Sphere, Counterattack, ??? Uses Spire Shield and a large number of Counterattack posts in a cluster around the Command Station.
Knife Fighter Lance, Needler, ??? Enclave, Munition Boosting, ??? Puts all the guardposts within attack range of the wormholes, leading to instant combat. Can be very brutal.
Paranoid Tachyon, Gravity, ??? Command Station Shield, ??? Uses lots (6-12) Command Station Shield Guard Posts, scattered in a circle around the outside of a system.

Special Command Stations

  • Gravity
  • Laser
  • Missile
  • MLRS
  • Munitions Booster
  • Needler
  • Photon Lance
  • Rail Cannon
  • Spider
  • Tachyon
  • Translocator
  • Troop Accelerator