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What Do I Do About Reduced Energy Reactor Efficiency?

A: The efficiency of energy reactors goes down as you build more of the same type on a single planet. There are three types of energy reactors: Mark I, Mark II, and Mark III. So, you can build one of each on a planet at full efficiency.

If you try to build more than the efficient amount on a single planet, they will produce much less energy, but still consume the same amount of metal and crystal per second. This is a huge waste of resources, and can majorly damage your economy.

The solution is to simply spread your reactors out on the various planets you capture, or which are controlled by your allies. Once you have 5-6 planets, you probably won't need to worry about energy much more if you have built reactors evenly across them.

Additionally if you wish to micromanage your energy production farther, a Mark II reactor is the most efficient resource-to-power wise, followed by two Mark Is, then a second Mark 2, then the Mark 3 (2, 1, 1, 2, 3). If you find yourself needing more power than this, its likely you've done something wrong (such as let your Viral Shredders replicate out of control).

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