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The STATS Button

Scores Tab

  • Use this to see what planet your team mates are looking at, how the game is running on their computer (and yours), scores, the AI Types, AI dificulty, player colors, and resource flow modifiers.
  • A new real time "Game Speed" readout shows how well the game is running on your machine at the moment, as well as giving advice on if you need to use a lower performance profile or not.
  • New "Performance Profiles" let the game more easily run on a variety of hardware. Best of all, these profiles can be swapped in and out in realtime while playing. This lets borderline computers lower their simulation/graphics load temporarily during a massive battle, then turn those factors back up when the battle concludes.

Galaxy Stats Tab

  • There are totals for planets and ships belonging to the AI and Human Players
  • Below the ship totals most of the choices made in the game lobby are documented including:
    • Map Seed/Style/Available ships/Cheats Enabled/Auto AI progress rate
    • AI Mods/Minor Factions/Plots for each AI/Disabled Ship Types
    • Combat Style (Epic, Normal, Blitz)
    • Unit Cap Style (Small, Normal, Large)
    • Active Expansions

Objectives Tab

  • The new "Objectives" Tab:
    • Starts out essentially blank, hinting at what lies out in the unexplored galaxy.
    • Gives advice on secondary objectives to scout for and some ideas what to do with them after they are found.
    • Tracks the capturables you or your team has discovered.
    • Provides mouseover-tooltip and click-to-view-object (where applicable) support.
      • Clicking on one of the targets listed takes you directly to the target system
  • The old "Missions" List divulged the types and numbers of all capturables (discovered or not) from the start of the game, a tremendous amount of unearned (unscouted) intelligence.

Messages Tab

  • The "Messages" Tab displays all messages (chat log, AI Progress alerts, etc) received during the session. Those messages do not persist into a savegame, so when you load a game this log will be blank.
  • There is now a "MESSAGE LOG" button in the upper-right corner of the screen during the game, which goes straight to the messages tab of the stats window.

Reference Tab

  • Due to the major rework of the combat system "Strong vrs Weak" data has been replaced by the "Damage to Do" tooltips and the new "Reference Tab", a fairly powerful tool for seeing which ship types are strong against which.
  • Use the "STATS" button to get to the "Reference" Tab or,
  • With one or more of your ships selected you can use the context menu (default "Rt Ctrl" + "M") Once the context menu is open, select the "back" button in the window to see the additional choices of "View Reference" and if your selected ships have an assigned target "View Target Reference" will also appear. Using the "View Reference" or "View Target Reference" option to the when-ships-are-selected context menu opens the Reference tab preselected for the ship's type (if multiple ships selected, the first ship's type is used).

  • Added several features to the Reference tab of the Stats window:
    • Filter By "Scope" can be used to restrict the compared types to:
      • Ships in My Selection
      • My Ships On This Planet (empty if you have no scout intel)
      • Friendly Ships On This Planet (empty if you have no scout intel)
      • Hostile Ships On This Planet (empty if you have no scout intel)
      • My Ships (anywhere you have scout intel)
      • Friendly Ships (anywhere you have scout intel)
      • Hostile Ships (anywhere you have scout intel)
      • Ships I Can Build (default) (currently doesn't account for fabricators or advanced factory)
      • Ships I Can Build Or Unlock
    • Filter By "Category"
      • Noncombatants
      • Non-warhead Combatants (default)
      • Fleet Ships
      • Star ships
      • Turrets
      • Warheads
  • The ship types now use TypeName instead of ShortName for description, and so are easier to identify.
  • Also, mousing over a ship name (either the select-drop down or the first column of the grid) will display the buy-menu detail tooltip for that type.
  • Clicking one of the names in the first column of the grid will select it in the drop down.
  • Clicking on a column header will sort by that column.

Reference Tab Q and A

Q If I have something hard to kill like a Superfortress how can I find the best ships to kill it?

A Select the target (Superfortress) in the drop down, then sort the Win/Loss column for "Loss" These are your winners because the target will lose against them.

  • Tip if you have something tough to kill (a Superfortress for example) select it in the drop down and sort the win/loss column to see what the target will lose to. Whatever ships the target will lose to are the ships that will win for you.

Military / Economy /Technology Tabs

  • The "Military" Tab tracks ship stats
  • The "Economy" Tab tracks resource data
  • The "Technology" Tab tracks knowledge unlocks

Resource Flows Tab

  • Use this tab to see where Metal/Crystal/Energy is coming from and going to.
    • Engineers will indicate their activity (repairing, etc), not the ship they are assisting.

Ships by Player / Types by Player Tabs

  • These track: Built/Killed/Lost/Kills-Made-By stats by ship or type

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