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The Special Forces is a fleet the AI uses for defense and to counter invasions.


By default, it roams the AI territory from one Special Forces Guard Post to another. When the Human players attack a planet the AI cares about, Special Forces are routed to that planet. Planets the AI cares about are generally ones with a Core Shield Generator or a capturable of Human interest.

As the Special Forces are composed by ships with different speeds, depending on the distance the fleet was from their target planet, faster ships might attack sooner. Tactical maneuvers to counter each group with the right ship type is advised.

Normally, Special Forces never invade Human planets. However, if a planet is attacked and captured before the Special Forces arrive, they may continue to follow their order to invade the newly captured Human planet.


Special Forces are easily recognizable by their group of Riot Control Starships. It is the only role for which the AI is allowed to use this kind of starship. Their Engine Damage hinder Human fleets retreat and they are very effective at countering guerrilla-style raids Human players often use against AI planets.


Special Forces are reinforced by the two AIs spawning ships at Special Forces Guard Posts. In order to keep that reinforcement low, it's advised to destroy these guard posts on Alerted planets, adjacent to Human planets.

The Special Forces have a cap to their strength, so players can either fight them and destroy alerted Special Forces Guard Posts to keep them low, or let them reach the cap and do their best to avoid them.


The Hunter Plot adds special and powerful units to the Special Forces, giving much more impact to each encounter.

The AI may use Special Forces Alarm Posts on its planets that turn Special Forces aggressive if triggered.

The Special Forces Captain is an AI Type that has more Special Forces Guard Posts and thus reinforces the Special Forces faster.

If part of the Special Forces are cut from the rest of the galaxy by Human territory, they can join the Threat Fleet over time. Destroying all the Special Forces Guard Posts in isolated AI territories might be advisable.