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What Do I Do About SuperFortresses?

A: A variety of units can be used to destroy a Superfortress. Bomber Starships as well as a large number of; Mercenary Bombers, Mark II, Mark III, and Mark IV bombers can all be successful in eliminating a Superfortress blocking your progress. SuperFortresses will quickly obliterate most any other ship that comes within their range, and they are able to slowly move around the planet they are on, so that creates a real challenge if you don't yet have enough Bomber Starships, Mercenary Bombers, or high-level bombers available; a Mark III bomber is about 11 times more effective than a Mark I bomber against a SuperFortress, so tech up! In circumstances without enough bombers, try to lure the SuperFortress away from your objectives, and then have the rest of your ships slip past. You'll never be able to retain control of a planet with a SuperFortress still on it but you will be able to work around it, if you have to.

NOTE: Use the in-game ”Reference Tab” tool from the “STATS” button to find winning matches to defeat this and other enemies. There are also the AI War forums where you can ask questions and learn from other players.

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