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How Does Supply Work?

A: Mobile Builders, Space Docks and other Constructors, Resource Ships, Force Fields, and Turrets, all require supply. This means that they will only function if they are within 1 hop of a player-controlled planet. Even when they don't have supply, they can still move around, but they won't provide any other benefits.

Can Players Still Act As Raiders?

Yes, players can still act as raiders, but they do so without the aid of supply-requiring ships to keep their raiding self sustainable without reinforcements (in other words, without being able to seed docks all around the galaxy). Thus an important part of offensive strategies is picking planets that will grant tactical advantages such as supply for offensive turrets or forward beachheads.

Supply Impacts Knowledge Raiding

Supply is also needed for science labs and energy reactors, so this also means that players will need to take well-connected planets in many cases to do knowledge raiding. Knowledge raiding is an important part of gameplay, so plan your supply availability carefully.

Destroyed Planets Neither Give Nor Receive Supply

Command Stations can be built on planets that have been destroyed, but they will not produce resources or provide other benefits such as the ability to build other ships thanks to the ambient radiation. The only reason to build a command station on a planet that has been nuked out of existence is to capture ships via planet ownership change, such as Advanced Factories, Advanced Research Stations, etc.

How Can I Tell Which Planets Have Supply?

The intel summary in the galaxy map notes whether or not each planet has supply for the human players. In general, this is every planet the humans own and every adjacent planet. However, some AI structures--such as the Co-Processor--can interrupt supply.

Do AI Ships Require Supply?

Yes! Their supply status is not visible in general, but if you destroy a command station on an AI planet and destroy all of their adjacent planets, then the turrets, force fields, etc, will all lose supply on the remaining planet. This can be extremely helpful for mopping up a toughly defended force field on a planet that the players have already taken.

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