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What Is TBS-Friendly Pause?

A: This mode is particularly to make things easier for Turn Based Strategy (TBS) fans, but it's actually useful for everyone (and so is enabled by default). When this mode is turned on, the game is still running to a certain extent while paused:

  • Ships can be placed in placement mode.
  • Build queues can be managed.
  • Flares will appear and then disappear after 10 seconds as in unpaused mode.
  • All other commands (move, attack, wormhole, transport, unload, etc) can be queued for execution directly after the pause ends.
  • Prior commands can be canceled or replaced with new commands to be executed after the pause ends.

So, given all of that, why would you ever NOT want to use TBS-Friendly Pause? The only reason is if you encounter a desync and want to submit your save files to Arcen Games. See this tech support forum entry: Desync in multiplayer? Check this first.

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