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List of templates ready to go for the AI War section of the Wiki.

{AIWarVerify}} To tag edits that you want verified.
{AIWarShips}} Navigation Table that should go at the bottom of all ship and structure description pages. (Not yet built, ETA Feb 10/12 - Dazio)

{5.024}} Patch level template for the top of the page. Add new ones as patches are released.

NB: To include a template, insert {{name}} into the page, e.g. {{AIWarRefNav}}

The Main Navigational Template
All ships and structures navatigational template

The current draft formatting for a table header: Template:AIWarTableHeader

Short lists of ships with shared properties that can be invoked in one go:

  1. Template:FleetCloak (cloaking) -
  2. Template:FleetExp (experimental) -
  3. Template:FleetN (Neinzul fleet, unlockable) -
  4. Template:FleetReclaim (reclaimers) -
  5. Template:FleetSp (spire fleet-ships) -
  6. Template:FleetTele (teleporters) -
  7. Template:FleetZR (zenith fleet) -
  • NB: determine if raider ships also have this property in-game, shared by the raider AI-types.

Mechanics across different pages that may be updated in the future:

  1. Template:AIWarReclaimDamage

Abbreviation of "requires expansion-X" to save typing:

  1. Template:ReqZR
  2. Template:ReqCoN
  3. Template:ReqLotS