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Transport Types

There are two types of mobile transports

  • The Standard Transport unlocked at game start
  • The Assault Transport which costs knowledge to unlock, and a lot more resources to make and operate, but which heals all units loaded into it including Neinzul Younglings.

Both transports can hold 200 ships, and suffer 35% attrition (35% of original health) per wormhole jump when out of supply.

There are special commands to partially unload units on a transport. Please refer to the "Input Bindings/Context Menu Tab"

AI War:AI War

Why Can't I Unload My Transports?

Sometimes My Transports Will Not Unload When I Tell Them To. Why?

A: Transports cannot be unloaded outside the buildable area of a system. Using the minimap you can see the buildable area represented by the inner ring. This restriction was placed to mitigate the player exploit of moving to the edge of the map and unloading long range ships to attack the AI.

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Other Transport Like Ships

  • Neinzul Regeneration Chamber
    • Immobile structure that holds up to 500 Neinzul youngling and heals them 10x faster than their individual decay rate. Automatically ejects them when they reach 100% health. Younglings without conflicting orders will automatically load themselves into the Regeneration Chamber when they fall to 30% health.

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