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Turrets are immobile structures reserved to human players. They are defensive units with high firepower that must be wisely placed to effectively defend a planet.

They require Supply to attack. They will be useless on isolated planets if the local Orbital Command Station is destroyed. They can be built on AI planets adjacent to Human planets as a strategy named beachhead.


These turrets have a per-planet cap. That means players can build a full cap of each on every planet. However, their high Energy cost prevents players to build all their turrets on every planet.

Needler Turret
Fires solid-slug kinetic projectiles composed of many, many monomolecular "needles".
Laser Turret
Fires powerful lasers at moderate range.
MLRS Turret
Multiple Launcher Rocket System turret fires multiple mid-power rockets.
Missile Turret
Slow, high-power, high-range defense for planetary bases.
Flak Turret
Fires bursts of hundreds of canisters each in turn containing hundreds of secondary explosives. Blankets an area with light damage that is extremely effective against small targets.
Lightning Turret
Fires electric bolts into up to 200 nearby enemy ships. Can concentrate full power against any group (of eligible targets) larger than 40. Against groups smaller than 40 some of the power is wasted.
Sniper Turret
Long-range defense for planetary bases.
Spider Turret
Long-range defense for planetary bases -- similar to the base sniper turret, but also inflicts engine damage.


These turrets have a galactic cap. That means the number displayed is the total quantity that can be controlled in the galaxy at the same time. Let alone the Heavy Beam Cannon, they don't deal damage but hinder enemy ships. They are very effective paired with damage-dealing turrets or a defensive fleet.

Heavy Beam Cannon
Stationary defense platform mounting a massive long-range beam cannon.

The beam can vaporize multiple smaller craft in one blast, or do heavy damage to a larger target.
(The most advanced version has a galaxy-cap of 1.)

Tractor Beam Turret
Locks on to a large number of enemy ships, preventing them from moving (but not from firing).
Gravitational Turret
Slows the movement of enemy ships in a zone. Power and range increases with mark.
Tachyon Beam Emitter
Immobile structure with the ability to reveal any nearby cloaked enemy ships. MkII version is cloaked.
Counter Sniper Turret
Launches flares to dissipate any sniper shots coming within its range. Particularly useful for setting up 'beachheads' in enemy territory.
Counter Dark Matter Turret
Launches flares to dissipate dark matter ammo, protecting units within its range. Particularly useful for protecting static defenses against Astro Trains.
Counter Missile Turret
Fires shots to disable any missile ammo coming within its range.


The AI players used to have turrets instead of Guard Posts. The game was very different, back then.