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This page not in use

Please post on the wiki thread in forums instead.

This page is for public contributors for the AI War section of the Wiki to coordinate.

If you intend to edit the wiki beyond just making tweaks here and there, please add your name as a section and indicate which parts of the wiki you intend to work on, as well as an estimated completion date so that other people know what you are working on and when they can go ahead and make changes to the sections you have edited.

References for Editors

Please see this page for a list of categories: Wiki Categories

Please see this page for a list of templates: AIWar Templates

Please see this page for page layout guidelines: AI War Wiki Page Guidelines

Current Page Structure (Missing many pages already created)

This is the page structure I have in my head that I am intending to create. Most of these pages don't exist yet. Page names are to be determined

Wiki front page - This exists, currently I am intending to leave it alone, just adding a link to the Reference section I am creating.
Top Level reference page - New page with links to all the pages in the reference section
Game Creation options - Describe the different options in the lobby, multiple HW start, etc.
Page for each expansion, including one for base game - LIst what ships/mechanics are availalbe with each expansion enabled/disabled.
Ships and strucures page - placeholder exists, will be a list of all structures with the description from the ingame text pasted in.
ships and structures details page - Acid Sprayer created as example, each ship/structure will have it's own detail page
Ammo types and immunities - Describe ammo types and list which ships are immune to what
Hull types and damage bonuses - Seperate page from ammo/immunities
Armor - this needs it's own page, check the one that exists already, may be sufficient
Ship cap and Mark Level - including info about high/normal/low/ultra low cap and game style here
Science and knowledge - As it sounds, knowledge and sci labs description
Resources (Metal/Crystal/Energy) - Resource system description, reactor inefficiency, etc.
Build time, construction, multiple engineers - As it sounds, how these work
Supply - Explain the supply mechanic and the Interfere with supply issue. Check existing wiki
Future game mechanics pages - once the numbers are all copied over, do pages for wave mechanics, hybrids, border agression, etc. A lot of this is covered in the existing wiki, deal with how? (update existing, replace with new, other options?)

To Do

Do something about the Spire ship sprites so they match up with everything else.
Check the immunities list. Immunities listed are for the Mk I's only, add in immunities higher marks have. IE: 'Mk V: Fusion Cutters' added to the immunities table cell.


Create individual pages for each ship/structure. Attempting to do this automatically from the excel export file from the game. (In progress)

Investigating if templates should be used at all. Templates are certainly going to be used. The patch level template is setup, ship list is done (may need tweaking). Reference section navigation template about 50% done.(Feb 14/12)

Looking at organization of the wiki, pages being added as I find the need for them. (In progress)