AI War 2:AI Command Station

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AI Command Station Stats
Metal Cost Energy Use Ship Cap Strength Hull Shields Speed Armour Engine Albedo Mass
0 0 GW 1/Planet 0.01 (I)
0.03 (VII)
9,000 (I)
36,000 (VII)
14,000 (I)
56,000 (VII)
0 70mm 0 GX 0.45 6 tX
AI Command Station Weapon Stats
Shot Damage Seconds per Salvo Shots Per Salvo Range Single Ship DPS Cap DPS
0 0 0 0 0 0

Planetary command center. You must destroy this before you can build your own command station to claim the planet.

AI Progress (AIP) will rise by 15 if this dies.

The most basic Command Station used by the AI. They always have a Warp Gate at their side.