AI War 2:Dire Tethuida Guardian

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Dire Tethuida Guardian Stats
Metal Cost Energy Use Ship Cap Strength Hull Shields Speed Armour Engine Albedo Mass
800,000 25,000 GW 1 9 1,400,000 (VII) 700,000 (VII) 500 150mm 20 gx 0.3 7 tX
Dire Tethuida Guardian Weapon Stats
Shot Damage Seconds per Salvo Shots Per Salvo Range Single Ship DPS Cap DPS
100,000 (20x 5,000) (VII) 4s 20 8,000 25,000 25,000

Spawns fast drones that can zombify your ships.

A nasty, NASTY space Necromancer, that carries a squad of 40 MkVII Tethuida Drones. These ships can zombify entire fleets by themselves. Be careful with it.