AI War 2:Extragalactic War Phoenix

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Extragalactic War Phoenix Stats
Metal Cost Energy Use Ship Cap Strength Hull Shields Speed Armour Engine Albedo Mass
0 15,000 GW ? 38 6,000,000 (VII) 3,000,000 (VII) 2,200 180mm 25 gx 0.4 7 tX
Extragalactic War Phoenix Weapon Stats
Shot Damage Seconds per Salvo Shots Per Salvo Range Single Ship DPS Cap DPS
100,000 (40x 2,500) 1s 40 15,000 100,000 ?

Extremely fast vessel with rapid fire pulses.

A savage fiend designed to obliterate large groups of Strikecraft very quickly. These will kill your smaller ships very fast unless they're sturdy enough or too numerous for it to make a dent on your forces. They come from outside the galaxy, and will only enter the Murdoch Quadrant once the AI starts taking you seriously.