AI War 2:Gyrn, the Voidhome

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Gyrn, the Voidhome Stats
Metal Cost Energy Use Ship Cap Strength Hull Shields Speed Armour Engine Albedo Mass
? 7,000 GW 1 4 (I) ? ? 1,400 120mm 20 gx 0.8 7 tX
Gyrn, the Voidhome Weapon Stats
Shot Damage Seconds per Salvo Shots Per Salvo Range Single Ship DPS Cap DPS
16,000 (I) 2s 1 5,600 8,000 8,000

Very powerful mobile factory Flagship. If a Fleet Flagship is on the same or adjacent planet, and is missing ships, then this will automatically produce replacements which'll warp directly to the Flagship. Also produces drones, and produces some energy.