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Instigator Base Stats
Metal Cost Energy Use Ship Cap Strength Hull Shields Speed Armour Engine Albedo Mass
1085000 0 1 1833 200000 400000 0 90 0 0.599853515625 2
Instigator Base Weapon Stats
Shot Damage Seconds per Salvo Shots Per Salvo Range Single Ship DPS Cap DPS
0 0 0 0 ? 0

The AI Instigators provide bases with special bonuses for the AI.

The AI Instigators are a component of the AI faction. They are not immediately apparent until later into the game. Every hour or so, an Instigator base will spawn somewhere in the galaxy. Instigators spawn close to your homeworld and on low level planets initially, but as the AIP becomes higher, they will spawn farther away and on higher mark planets.

Instigator bases have a variety of nasty effects, ranging from increasing the amount of strength the AI will put into its waves, to spawning units every now and then to attack you. For example, one type of Instigator base increases the budget of the Warden Fleet. Instigators are usually not immediately threatening, but do not take your time dealing with them. The longer they remain active, the deadlier they get!

The effect of an Instigator base expires upon its destruction. If it was adding to something like a wave, the boost it gave to that specific wave will remain, but it won't be adding more.