AI War 2:Nomad Planets

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Nomad Planets are a much-liked feature from AIWC that I’d like to include in DLC2 since it’s Zenith-themed already. It adds a Dynamic Topology to the game.

At the beginning of the game some extra Nomad planets are added to the galaxy map. They are connected to a few nearby planets. Every so often the Nomads will move a bit across the galaxy map. Once they get close enough to a new planet we add a new wormhole. Once they get too far from a planet they used to have a wormhole to, we remove the old link.

Nomads move because they have a Nomad Nexus on them. You can hack a Nomad Nexus to enable two options. The first is to break the nomad nexus, which prevents the nomad from moving any more. Secondly you can hack the Nomad Nexus to make the Nomad Planet crash into an AI Homeworld. While the Nomad is en-route it will trigger an extremely powerful AI response. If the AI forces kill the Nexus powering the Nomad before it reaches the homeworld then the nomad will stop moving.


You can also have "Nomad Galaxy" where all the planets move like Nomads, though they don't have a Nomad Nexus.

You can use the Zenith Miners to also "Nomadify" a single planet.