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City Map

Port City

|Port City

Welcome to beautiful Port City, administered by your very own Maxitrode(tm) Corp. Tourists are advised that there may be a slight problem with a robot uprising in the southern region the city.


It's great season to hunt. The weather is perennially sunny with light cloud cover, with temperatures topping out at ~10000 at moments but otherwise remains at a relaxing 80.

Trivia: there were originally more city layouts planned for before release, but these have been out on hold.

Your Exos

The player takes the role of a surviving pilot, who is trained to control a team of 4 Exos to combat the rising rebellion. You will be constantly exploring locations around the city, fighting the army there, and finding new loot to upgrade.


These are the mission types encountered in a given base game. The loot quality obtained by successfully completing the mission is being filled out in the notes section. For comparison, small loot containers generally give you white/green parts, while large loot containers generally give you green/blue parts. The sequence for the loot in increasing value is White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange.

One can rarely obtain a part at a higher quality than recorded. Consider yourself fortunate.

In missions such as Shield Works and Armories, where the target is "high-quality loot for some part", all hackable containers will also only drop parts specific for that slot.

Mission Icon In-game description Notes
Not playable
Home Command
Your exos embark from here, and this is where your body resides in a comfortable pilot command computer.
Beneficial Missions
Office Building
Creeping through an infested office building sounds like fun and profit, right? Well, there's plenty of profit: 4x the usual number of small loot containers. But fun? Well, the place is filled with mines and tripwires. Destroy the energy reactor in the facility to win the mission. Parts quality: Green.
One of the human armories that the bots took over. Reach the armory structure inside the building in order to score some high-quality weapon parts. Parts quality: Blue.
Hulls and shields, shields and hulls. That's all they used to make in this place. Now it's in bot hands. But if you take it back, you'll get some high-quality shield parts. Parts quality: Blue.
Reactor Fab
Power is the lifeblood of the city, the bots, your exos... you name it. This experimental research facility was once devoted to figuring out new ways to cram more power into smaller and smaller spaces. The bots control it now, but if you capture it you're sure to find some high-quality reactor parts.
Propulsion Lab
Legs and wheels are a pain, you know? Friction with the ground, robots tripping down stairs, and so on. Decades ago, scientists threw up their hands at the bipedal-bot problem, and just started throwing hover thrusters on everything. The first bots with thrusters were, ah, a bit dangerous. But propulsion systems of all sorts have been steadily improving over the years, and here is where you can find the latest and greatest high-quality propulsion gear.
Science Station
Once one of our finest scientific installations, this is now reduced to a dark hole filled with bots. Make your way to the science station to capture some high-quality computer parts. Parts quality: Blue. Seems to have no/few hackable doors.
Parts Fab
The bots captured this parts fabricator plant, which produces internal upgrades that work for our exos. If we capture it back, we'll get twice as many parts as usual from completing this mission. Parts quality: Green, doubled.
An infested datacenter filled with 3x the usual number of locked doors with loot behind them. Have your hacker tools ready if you want to make the most of this mission! Destroy the energy reactor in the facility to win.
Hostage Rescue
A cryo lab has been taken hostage by bot forces! A number of occupied cryopods are in great peril. For each one that is still alive at the end of the mission, you'll be rewarded with a piece of loot -- however, be warned that bots are inclined to fire on the cryopods even before they fire on you.

To win the mission, you must kill all of the bots in it.

Parts quality: up to 10 Green

The Bahamut Device is a mysterious and wonderful thing. You want what it can give you. Go here. Now. Go on! Parts quality: Purple
Upgrades one exo type to its epic form
Neutral Missions
Barricades are everywhere, all of the objects lying around have been rigged to blow, and there are several reactors for you to boomify. We out!
The bots have been digging out and reinforcing the sewers again. Not much cover down there, and no relief in the form of ammo chests or shield recharge stations. Destroy all the bots to win.
This twisty building is in the clutches of a deadly MurderBot. MurderBot hulls are far too strong for your weapons to break, so you'll need to find the large command computer in the facility to shut them down and win the mission. Run fast!
Would be your run-of-the-mill missions, except for the loose power emitters nearby. All attacks from all exos and bots are increased 10x in potency, so don't get seen! Find and destroy the reactor to win.
Destroy all the robots here to clear the blockade (if you fail, they'll reinforce back to full strength). This should be a very easy one -- but it still will take a day to complete, and there's barely any loot here.

Make sure there's something on the other side of this blockade that is worth getting to, or look elsewhere for a better mission.

Parts quality: Green
Strategic Missions
Vital to our cause -- but only if you've messed up, pilot. The construction vehicle and supplies we can salvage from this area will let us repair one health point of our HQ if it is damaged. If our HQ is not damaged, it's mostly a waste to come here.
Fuel Depot
Sometimes the only solution to a problem is to go next door and blow up a really big fuel tank. All the missions connected to this one will be destroyed if you win.
VERY DIFFICULT: Not a good idea to attempt until there are only 30-40 days remaining or fewer.

Key intel! We've discovered where a couple of their largest Boss style bots are located. We can airdrop you in to assassinate them, and any bosses you kill will not have to be fought at the end of the game.

You can locate the bosses by their bluish color on sensors, as opposed to the usual gold.

Parts quality: Green

Lion's Den
VERY DIFFICULT: Not a good idea to attempt until there are only 30-40 days remaining or fewer.

Now's our chance to strike THEM preemptively for a change. A large portion of their gathering forces are here; we can airdrop your exos in so that you can tear them apart. All-out victory is unlikely, so don't expect much in the way of loot; but every bot you kill here will be one less bot you have to face when their army attacks later on.

Parts quality: Green
Excellent -- we've discovered one of the factories where they make the bots. There are a number of fabrication machines on the factory floor. Each one you destroy will reduce the level of a random final-battle robot by 1! Even better, most bots will not level-up at the end of this day if you manage to win this mission by destroying every last fabricator! Parts quality: Green. Usually many hackable doors.
Robot Command Center
There's no one central intelligence behind the bots, so they've set up a number of these command centers. We can't break them down by attacking these, but we can find some great gear AND we can provoke them into attacking us five days sooner. That's five days fewer for them to prepare, but that cuts both ways. If we're currently ahead of them, we might want to consider it. If we're behind in this little arms race, we might want to give this a wide berth. Parts quality: Orange
HQ Defense
This is where we make our final stand! However many times it takes, either we eradicate all of their forces (which may exceed what can show up in the mission at any given time), or our HQ health gets whittled down to zero and we lose.

We've evacuated the top level of our HQ, and it's time for your exos to go in alone and do their duty. This is the final war you've been preparing for!