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  • negative score
  • splash range stats changes from customization screen compared to on a mission
  • terminal kills exo, but this kill doesn't trigger rey's ability for some reason
  • not sure if this is intended, but is the scorpion bot supposed to be able to shoot through walls when it retaliates? died countless times this way...

Unconfirmed Bugs

  • when prefix and suffix of item are of the same kind (ex. fortified ... of fortification), the bonus is only given for one of them. would be better to either prohibit these items from creating or allowing both bonuses to contribute to the item stats
  • not sure about this one -I am playing offline - sometimes the program freezes for 5-10 seconds (Store, map, robot configuration) until mouse and prog skips back to reaction - I estimate this could relate to online request time outs when no internet connection is available - If right a simple offline/online configuration could solve this (connection routines bypass switch). If I am wrong, it might be related to loading process or something else (this freeze is annoying)
  • not sure about this one too => I equipped the rocket launcher of siege exo with combined 104% area splash size items in weapon slots and it upgraded splash size as expected - doing the same on the grenade weapon of assault exo doesn't seem to have the same upgrade behaviour on splash size - if there is a difference, I have no idea why (found no reasonable explanantion for it) - seems to be a similar issue with the splash area of Ninja exo laser weapon.