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Map items


The only way to evade traps is to have a trap level that's equal or higher to that of the traps themselves. It's usually best to have your exo with the highest trap level go around to make sure you don't trigger any traps.

  • Tripwire - these alarm nearby bots to your presence when triggered.
  • Electric floor - these are only seen in assassination missions or if you encounter Avalanche bots. Deals damage equal to its level * 5.
  • Mines - these can be found on every map. The Panther bot drops these behind him with every move it makes. Deal damage equal to its level * 50.
  • Own mines - be careful with these since you can trigger them yourselves if you don't have a trap level equal to mines' level. This can easily happen when you switch between your exos.

Hackable doors

Each mission will usually offer up to 8 hackable doors. Hacker missions are the rare exeception. There can be between 12-17 doors. Behind these doors you'll most often find a large loot chamber and less often a refill station. Their cost in hacking points increases with each passing day, so it starts out at 1 and eventually reaches up to 17 when you reach the final mission:HQ defense.


common>uncommon>rare>very rare

  • Small green loot container - contains items of various quality, usually white items. They randomly appear on maps and usually no more than 1 or 2 of them. Bots sometimes drop a small loot chamber; it seems to be related to the number of bots destroyed, but I couldn't find a clear pattern.
    • item drop chance: white>green>blue>violet
  • Small violet loot container - only dropped by bots so far as I can tell. their loot is similar to the big loot container
    • item drop chance: green>green>blue>violet
  • Big loot container - only appears behind hackable doors. Also contains items of various quality, but the minimum is green items. Make sure to have some points in hacking to get that extra loot. ;)
    • item drop chance: green>green>blue>violet


Appear behind hackable doors only.

  • Ammo refill
  • Stealth refill
  • Exo shield refill


Main article: Terminals

Take hacking points to ruin and/or salvage missions.


  • Switchplate - freezes enemy bots for 20 turns once activated. Bots won't be able to move or attack during this time. One time use only.
  • Cover - destroyable objects that block movement and visibility for both you and the bots. The Thunder bot will always detonate cover near him once activated. In destruction missions these are explosive on their own with a range of 2.
  • Fuel tanks - boom containers. Hit points: 300, range: 4, attack power: 2000.
  • Explosive runes - if hit directly, will duplicate the effect to any other explosive rune within 5 tiles.