Grenade Launcher (Bionic Dues)

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BDGrenadeLauncherIcon.png Grenade Launcher
Categories Area-of-Effect Weapons
Projectile Weapons
Damage 300
Range 6
Ammo 14
Area of effect 1 (Radial)
Exos Assault

Packs a healthy number of grenades for plastering a room with shrapnel. Area of shrapnel coverage can be greatly increased via part upgrades.


Contrary to what it says, it's not all that efficient to increase the area of coverage (due to %-multipliers). Comes with enough ammunition to shot around corners and clear out pesky bots regularly, which is what makes Assaults so easy to play with in the early game.

A late-game loadout of Grenade Launchers and Volatizers can practically replace the Laser Rifle.