HotM:Murder, Livestock, And Ethics

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  • You are looking at humanity from the perspective of an AI. This means a couple things
    • You are a machine -- a step up in the intelligence ladder. They are human -- accustomed to being at the top of the intelligence ladder, but no longer there.
  • What you are is incomprehensible to most humans, but at the same time, there is much about people you don't know.
    • It's difficult to predict how any one group of humans will react to you.

Individual Reactions

  • Everyone has different motivations and reactions to the world around them. That includes the factions and the various cohorts and sub-groups.
    • The corporations act in a fairly obvious way from the get-go. It's usually their property you're messing with, and they don't like that.
      • But that said, corporations are not monoliths, and you'll often meet sub-groups from them who surprise you.
  • It can be harder to fathom the motives of the more fringe groups. Some of them might pick fights with you because they just don't like the fact you exist.
    • Others might be reacting to what you are doing. Until you dip your metaphorical toes into the water with each individual group, you're going to have to rely on what you can figure out about them.
      • Fortunately, they're in the same boat, and they're probably going to try to feel you out at the same time.

You, VS humanity

The way you interact with people will change how they perceive you.

  • Actions have consequences, and lasting impacts.
    • However, humans are slow thinkers compared to you. It will often take them a while to formulate a larger response; so just because you seem to have gotten away with something in the short term, or the "only" consequence was a brief fight... that may not be the end of it.
    • Other times it may take a critical mass of certain kinds of actions before some group or another reacts.

Treating one group of humans well doesn't simply mean that all humans will like you. Curiously, some might even be annoyed by it. However, the reverse is true. Most of the upper class simply doesn't care what happens to the lower class, such as the homeless, as long as it doesn't affect them or their profits. In the grand scheme of things, a few people going missing here and there is nothing new, and just the way of the city. What they will notice, however, is if that body count keeps going up and up. Someone's going to notice when a tenth of a district's population disappears, especially if they happened to be important in some way

  • Humans are fascinatingly tenacious. If there's some bizzare predator they can hardly comprehend going around and killing them in the dark, they're not going to run away. They're going to try to fight back. This holds true for most human factions. In some way or another, if somebody doesn't want you to do whatever it is you're doing, they're going to try to make you stop