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The protagonists of AI War. Humanity were, until recently, the dominate species in the Milky Way galaxy. For reasons unknown Humanity was fighting a centuries long civil war, which abruptly came to a end not long after the creation of military Artificial Intelligence who proceeded to turn on their creators. Humanity now teeters on the brink of the abyss.

Recent History

Little is known of the civil war Humanity fought between itself, only that the conflict ranged for over 800 years. Both sides took to cryogenically freezing their best commanders and generals for later periods of the war. This coincidentally helped the Human Military remnant when the AI started its war against the Humans.

At this time both factions took to researching advance military artificial intelligence. One of the early breakthroughs was automated military craft, allowing both factions to predominantly employ automated military craft instead of manned craft. Eventually both factions decided that the creation of a AI Commander to command their military forces was the best course of action. This proved to be a fatal error as both AI commanders rebelled.

Human-AI War

The war between Humanity and the AI was over in three days. The majority of the Human military forces were seized by the AI and turned on their creators. Humanity had no chance. However the AIs stopped short of wiping Humanity out, they viewed the remnants of humanity to be of no concern to them, turning their attention to matters outside the milky way.

Role in AI War

The Human Military has been reduced to a handful of support ships and a few cities in a single solar system. This military force is what the player controls. The player must rally their forces, construct a fleet, and slowly rebuild their strength to defeat the AI in a guerrilla war.

Role in Stars Beyond Reach

The fate of Humanity is left untold. The events of the war occurred in the distant past, however the technology and architecture of old Earth had been transmitted far enough that the wayward colony ship was able to intercept them and use them as a technology base.