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The Shattered Pillar Zenith are a splinter faction of the Zenith race that survived the cataclysm that destroyed their civilization. These refugees seek to ensure their species' survival at all costs, and are friendly to Humans.


Much like the rest of the Zenith race, the Shattered Pillar are starship-sized living creatures. Unlike other Zenith encountered, like the Golems and the Dyson Sphere, the Shattered Pillar are smaller, and have a predominant blue and purple color scheme.

Role in AI War

They're mainly encountered in Nebulae, where they're usually fighting another group of Zenith supremacists known as the Citadel Ascendant. Once helped, their ships can be built by Humans. They use 3 ships: The Palisade frigate, the Bulwark heavy frigate, and the Monolith light cruiser.