Nebula: Neinzul Mourner Wardens Found

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Champion size when encountered: Frigate/Destroyer

Factions: Neinzul Mourners vs. All evil factions

The neinzul have a single small starbase, surrounded by 20 "dimensional prison controllers." When destroyed, one of these controllers will cause an attack from the edge of the nebula. This attack can be composed of any evil faction, and varies in composition. If there are no enemy ships present, the next controller will self-destruct.

Tactics: either immediately pop the maximum number of prisons you can handle, or carefully preserve the neinzul fleet against individual prisons, with a large burst of enemies at the end. The base is quite fragile, so projected shields are your friends.

Reward: experience is based on the maximum enemy strength at once. Also neinzul hull and modular fortress, along with the neinzul production facility. This facility gives you 50 metal and crystal per second, and 50,000 energy, and allows construction of 3 Lament 3 Dirge 1 Wailing.