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Alpha 17

(This isn't done yet, we're still working on it.)

Alpha 16

(Released August 26th, 2016)

  • After you have encountered an enemy for the first time and they are aware of you, they now show up on a new minimap in the bottom right corner of your screen.
    • This minimap also indicates the compass direction you are facing, which can be very useful for navigating in general.
  • Fixed a bug where unarmed spiderbots did not show a name for themselves in the top bar or an alert message.
    • Thanks to DryEagle for reporting.
  • Fixed a bug where spiderbots and a number of other enemies were too easily aware of you (their guns were noticing you and violating their vision cones).
  • Upgraded to Rewired v1.0.0.98, in hopes that this will resolve a linux compatibility issue with one player's mouse input.
    • This new version apparently also has some performance improvements.


  • The minimap now shows you all of the doors that connect level chunks from your current room. It uses different arrow directions and colors to indicate if the door is above or below you. It doesn't show all the little interior doors, because that would get absolutely overwhelming to the point of illegibility. Plus that can be some of the fun of the maze. It also doesn't actually show you the path to Father Brain (we thought about that), because again that goes against the spirit of exploration, too.
    • Thanks to Cinth for suggesting the method for representing height differences.

Cicadabot Overhaul And Related

  • A new system for handling hand-designed flying enemy waypoint networks has been added. We already had this for ground enemies, but the new one is independent of that.
  • Cicadabots no longer spawn using the flock AI that they previously had, and no longer seed at random in general.
  • You actually DO have to kill Cicadabots now.
  • One of the miniboss rooms now contains proper reverb zones and a cloud of very fast Cicadabots. Enjoy! ;)

New Beetlecleft Guard

  • Added a new Beetlecleft Guard, which patrols and has a visible vision range that you can avoid. It's a good idea to do so, too!
    • We're going to get into other enemies with new models and voices and so forth very soon, but first we did some AI groundwork to prep things for a number of them.
    • These guys do not randomly seed, but rather have to be hand-inserted like the Cicadabots do. This lets us design more sensible situations for them.
  • There are now three distinct rooms that are designed as stealth locations with the new beetlecleft guards, and they can be surprisingly tense!

Alpha 15

(Released August 25th, 2016)

New And Updated Content

  • 19 of the level chunks have had some amount of tweaking to them to fix up little glitches or holes or whatnot in them.
  • Added a new single-story set of stairs to the industrial stairs section of the level editor.
    • Thanks to Cinth for modeling this variant.
  • Added a new "arches" section to the basic interiors section of the level editor, with 16 new objects in it.
    • Thanks to Cinth for modeling these!
  • A new "server room" science level chunk has been added.
  • A new final boss room has been added.
  • Added three new giant floors that we can use in the level editor for various purposes.


  • Put in some code that should make float values save properly on non-English machines. If you had trouble with the mouse sensitivity, this may be what it was.
    • Please note that this is going to reset the mouse sensitivity, volume, and ambient brightness boost for all players.
    • Thanks to ( Tchey ) for reporting.
  • A new "control extras" section in the settings menu has been added, and things like the mouse sensitivity have been moved into there. It's easier to separate those out from Misc when visually perusing them.
  • The default raptor turn speeds when walking and running have been doubled since that bothered a number of people, and you can now change the values of those (independently of one another) from 10% to 400% of the new value.
    • This has no effect in the first person (over the shoulder) mode, since the mouse sensitivity is already what controls that.
    • Thanks to liamdawe, tigris, and Reath for suggesting.
  • The physics of jumping have been massively overhauled, as well as a bunch of changes to the animations related to them.
    • Previously you started at max speed and then decelerated. Now things have changed around a lot, but in general there is now an acceleration period that you can cancel out of at any time by stopping holding the button, and then the deceleration period happens faster (0.5 seconds rather than 1.5 seconds to hit terminal velocity).
    • The overall effect is something far less floaty and easier to control in terms of jumping to different heights based on how long you hold the button.
    • Thanks to tigris and Reath for suggesting.
  • The physics for the lunge attack have been adjusted a lot as well. You can now lunge for far less distance or far greater distance based on how long you hold down the button. This gives a much better sense of control here, too.
    • Thanks to tigris and Reath for suggesting.


  • Fixed an issue in the lab demo where Cicadabots were spawning in the ceiling. Instead there is now simply a Beetlecleft there -- there was some sort of problem with the ceiling there in that lab.
    • Thanks to garion333 for reporting.
  • Fixed a bug where the "hide objective text" setting was not working in the procgen levels
    • Thanks to Cinth for reporting.
  • The game is now properly tracking the raptor and enemies as moving objects for CTAA dynamic temporal antialiasing, which makes them no longer appear blurred when moving. This was an unintentional motion blur, in effect, we discovered.
    • Thanks to DryEagle and Vodka for reporting.
  • Fixed the light bleed that was caused by Utility Brown Wall Flat (Range 7).
    • Thanks to garpu for reporting.

Alpha 14

(Released August 24th, 2016)

  • Updated the main menu text to make it clear that this is not a demo anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where we did not actually allow players to rebind the zoom keys or the first/third person toggle buttons, to our surprise. No wonder nobody knew it's the F key!
    • Thanks to TheVampire100 for reporting
  • There is now a greater chance of running into the unarmed spiderbots in the non-demo levels. Still low, but it should happen more than almost-never now. ;)
  • Fixed a bug where some enemies (generally cicadabots) could temporarily detect you at the start of a procgen level and thus give their voice cues, but then you weren't actually seen.
  • The main menu now has a direct link to the release notes, so people can more easily find out what is new.

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