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Official 2.504

(Not yet released; we're still working on it!)

Official 2.503

(Released January 5, 2015)

  • The ability to submit leaderboard scores to steam has been completely removed. This was previously opt-in, but that was causing problems when enabled. And in general the global scores don't mean much given how many variants players can have in terms of how they configure the game.
  • Since 2010 when we switched to the Unity 3D engine, we've been using their WWW class to load images from the disk asynchronously. However, in more recent versions of unity it's been a case where for a small number of people, if they had multiple network adapters on their machine, then the WWW loads from their own disk would load incredibly slowly. We didn't know until now what exactly caused that.
    • We've now created a new internal ArcenAsyncFile class that is our own implementation of the asynchronous disk calls (and will later be extended for network calls as well). This has been tested on windows, osx, and ubuntu, and it not only works, but seems to load noticeably faster than before. This should also bypass the issue that the WWW class had with getting oddly slow (if it doesn't, then something _seriously_ strange is going on, as they have almost no code in common).
    • Thanks to Vanreis for the latest report, and figuring out that this was related to the number of network adapters.
  • The WWW class is no longer used for checking for game updates, but instead the new ArcenAsyncFile is now used.
    • This _should_ provide more fault tolerance when programs like AVAST want to kill the ability of the game to check for updates. Knock on wood!

Official 2.502

(Released July 28, 2014)

  • Fixed an issue on linux where it would not let you set the screen resolution or fullscreen status properly (you could set it, but it would not listen).
    • Thanks to Gab for reporting.
  • Fixed an issue on linux where the Thor image could not be properly loaded because of case-sensitivity. We've also now tested all the other images and they should all be good to go on linux.
    • Thanks to alephsyzygy for reporting.

Official 2.501

(Released July 14, 2014)

  • Fixed an issue on case-sensitive file systems (OSX and Linux) where the game was unable to find the GrassyRuins3 variant tile, and the Norse Shotput unit.
    • Thanks to Dax Tailor, LiZi, and Voxel8bitRoguelikeFPSSimulator for reporting.
  • There is now an option in the main Game tab of the Settings screen (on the Steam version only) that allows you to disable submission of your high scores to Steam. There is apparently a rare issue causing a crash related to this, so this provides a workaround.
    • Thanks to Flying Omelette for reporting.

Official 2.500 (Linux Support!)

(Released July 10, 2014)

  • The new Arcen updater system has been integrated with the game.
  • The new form of Steamworks integration has been put into this game.
  • The Unity 3D engine version has been upgraded to 4.2.1.
  • The Linux operating system is now officially supported!
  • Put in a fix for a rare crash bug that would affect some players when it tried to poll their gamepads or other axes. We had run into this with Bionic Dues, and have now backported the fix to Skyward.
    • Thanks to Philature for reporting.
  • The maximum score is now capped at 2147483647, since that is the largest score possible in a 32bit integer. Previously if you somehow got a score above that, it would wrap around to negative numbers.
    • Thanks to MasterTouan for reporting.

Official 2.004

(Released September 18, 2013)

  • Fixed a bug in the last couple of versions that was causing a lot of actions to be duplicated multiple times in multiplayer (once per player in the game).
    • Thanks to Wingflier, Goldfish, and others for reporting.

Official 2.003

(Released September 13, 2013)

  • Fixed a bug where the new music from Nihon no Mura was not actually playing!
    • Thanks to a variety of players for reporting.
  • Put in a potential fix to a rare null reference exception.

Official 2.002

(Released September 9, 2013)

  • Fixed a bug where Nure Onna could cause an unhandled exception in some cases.
    • Thanks to Goldfish for reporting.
  • Luminith Arks and Towers can no longer be placed until the Age of Monsters, which is the earliest they could feasibly be used anyhow. But this does prevent a trivial cultural victory (for a whopping 0 points) using the Setup Phase.
    • Thanks to GrimerX for reporting.
  • Put in a potential fix for a very rare null reference exception that happens during auto-heal. If anyone sees it again and has a savegame, that would be appreciated.
    • Thanks to Nimring for reporting.

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