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  • == Exodian Blade Journal Entries == These are journal entries from the Exodian Blade Minor Faction, they contain spoilers. The entries can be found in the 6journal.xml file l
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  • ...vanced combat ship, or command ship) rather than according to its splinter faction race. * Fixed a minor glitch in the settings where the network sync performance settings text was
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  • ..., and in combination with the usual AI types, plots and map styles. These minor factions exist on planets from game start, or arrive from hiding deep space a minor impact and 10 having a large impact on the game. Exceptions are minor factions that are controllable ships. These can be set to Easy, Moderate, o
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  • Disclaimer:This is much less descriptive than than the other minor factions page. This is older and inferior to the other page. link to be directed to the correct page: [[AI War:Minor Factions|AI War Minor Factions]]<br/>
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  • a special one, only available in games with the [[Nomad Planets]] minor faction enabled. a special one, only available in games with the [[Exodian Blade]] minor faction enabled.
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