Stars Beyond Reach:Beginner's guide

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Starting out

(awaiting a more stable version)

Priority List for 0.800
Priority 1 is money. Build Banks.
Priority 2 is police. Build a police adjacent to the bank.
Priority 3 is Housing, Restaurants, Farms, and Water.
Priority 4 is Health Care and Pollution Management.
Priority 5 is avoid factories and resource gathering until you have diplomatic contacts to make it work.
Repeat until you need encounter the enemy, then build defenses and offenses as desired.


Issue Tips for 0.800
No Money Build Banks, build Police around Banks. Be very careful with the crime generated.
Too Much Pollution Wind blows smog to the right. Only build to the left of your pollution producers. Build overlapping Hazmats to clean up the smog cloud.
Too Much Litter Build Dumps, quickly. Disable or bulldoze your resource extractors.
Too Much Crime Crime is very serious. It will cause riots and end up with many people dying. Build Police so that every building is within the radius of a Police or Riot Police (Parks might work). It is the total police versus total crime that triggers riots. Build overlapping Riot Police to cover your high crime buildings (Banks, Stock Exchanges, International Banks, Air Cargo Bays, Linguistic Centers). Keep pollution and litter under control. If you have any buildings outside of police protection, they will generate massive amounts of crime. Disable or bulldoze crime causes if necessary to keep things under control.
Too Much Disease You may die. Build Hospitals and Trauma centers to cure individuals. Control + Click on the city center to open the disease menu. Quarantines, Genetic Scanning, and Toxic Screens only work on the appropriate type of disease. Try researching to Epidemiology and building the Disease Center.
Too Much Planetary Hatred Build Shrines.
No Meals You need Farms, Water, and Restaurants.
No Crops Build Farms.
No Restaurants Build Restaurants.
No Water Build Water Wells.
No Defense Build Anti-Air and Guard Posts.
No Attackers Build Barracks, Missiles, Sea Ports, and Coast Guard. Be mindful of Planet hatred.
No Building Slots Build an Engineer.
No Current Problems Don't believe it for a second.
Terraforming You have research the technology to get the full options.
Create New City Build a teleporter, Helipad, or Air Cargo Bay away from your current city. Then place an adjacent Civic Center.