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Building Function Working
Computing Cluster Boosts Science Center & ? Yes
Shopping Mall Commerce - Employs lots of people Yes
Engineering Firm Construction - Basic Yes
Repair Crew Construction - Repair Yes
Remote Engineering Brigade Construction - Repair/Building Yes
Crematorium Corpse - Destruction Yes
Cemetary Corpse - Storage Yes
City Park Crime Reduction Yes
Fighting Arena Culture?
Guild Hall Boost Market Item Quality
History Museum Culture?
Industrial Chemical Processor Culture?
Monster Pit Culture?
Opera House Culture?
Warehouse Boost Market Item Quality
Linguistic Research Center Diplomancy - Increases Linguistic understanding Yes
International Bank Economy - Advanced Yes
Bank Economy - Basic Yes
Stock Exchange Economy - Intermediate Yes
Ansible End Game Building Yes
Artificial Volcano End Game Building Yes
Panoptican End Game Building Yes
Scout Station Exploration - Above ground Yes
Sonar Surveyor Exploration - Below Ground Yes
Sonar Mapping Station Exploration - Surrounding area underground only Yes
Advanced Mining Facility Extractor Yes
Advanced Sea Mining Platform Extractor Yes
Basement Mining Facility Extractor Yes
Extraction Facility Extractor Yes
Harvest Facility Extractor Yes
Mining Facility Extractor Yes
Sea Mining Platform Extractor Yes
Terrarium Dome Extractor Yes
Advaced Basement Mining Facility Extrator Yes
Fishery Extrator Yes
Cheap Diner Food Yes
Fine Dining Food Yes
Lager House Food Yes
Middle-Class Eatery Food Yes
Hydroponics Farm Food - Production - Advanced Yes
Rural Farm Food - Production - Basic Yes
Basement Living Quarters Housing - Bunker Yes
Apartment Housing - Cramped Yes
Luxury Housing Housing - Luxury Yes
Condominiums Housing - Spacious Yes
Accelerated Birthing Center Increases Birth Rate Yes
Broadcast Station Manufacturing - Broadcasts Yes
Factory Manufacturing - Consumer Products & Weapons Yes
Inventor's Workshop Manufacturing - Creates CP & Weapon items Yes
Philosopharium Manufacturing - Creates Philosophy works Yes
Literary Society Manufacturing - Creates Written Works Yes
Major Trauma Center Medical - Advanced Yes
Small Hospital Medical - Basic Yes
Disease Control Medical - Cures Disease Yes
Air Cargo Bay Military - Air Attack Long Yes
Missile Silo Military - Air Attack Long Yes
Helipad Military - Air Attack, increase transport range Yes
Anti-Air Tower Military - Air Defense Yes
Super-Capacitor Laser Military - Artillary Advanced Yes
Super-Capacitor Shield Military - Artillary Defense Yes
Coordinated Military Leadership Military - Attack Yes
Barracks Military - Ground Defense Yes
Guard Post Military - Land Defense Yes
Seaport Military - Sea Attack Yes
Supercavitating Torpedo Platform Military - Sea Attack Yes
Coastguard Military - Water Defense Yes
Riot Police Police - Advanced Yes
Police Station Police - Basic Yes
Hazmat Pollution - Removal Yes
Biomass Power Plant Power Yes
Geothermal Power Plant Power Yes
Large Battery Array Power Yes
Large Solar Collector Power Yes
Nuclear Plant Power Yes
Oil Power Plant Power Yes
Small Solar Power Yes
Wind Turbine Power Yes
Small Battery Array Power - Reduces adjacent consumption and boosts power Yes
Shrine Reduces Planet Anger Yes
Science Lab Research - Advanced Yes
Waste-To-Power Plant Trash - Convert waste to Power Yes
Recycling Center Trash - Removal Yes
Dump Trash - Storage Yes
Advanced Water Well Water - Production Advanced Yes
Water well Water - Production Basic Yes
Advanced Fuel Mixer
Blast Panel
Blockade Checkpoint
Civic Center Creates new city. Place on Air Cargo Bay, Teleporter?, Helipad? not connected to another city
Commerical Chemical Plant
Cryo Sleep Stores peoples?
Embassy Diplomatic Options?
Genetic Optimizer
Industrial Teleporter
Microwave Electrical Transfer Tower Transfer power from one city to another?
Moleular Security Control
Remote Automated Teleporter Allows placement to ANY non-adjacent tiles?
Spy Safehouse Diplomatic Options?
Superdeep Borehole
Teleporter Array Allows placement to nonadjacent tiles?
Terrain Riser Raises land out of sea?
Thief Diplomatic Options?
Thought Conditioning Device
Cobalt Bomber Launcher End Game?

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