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There are fourteen races in Stars Beyond Reach. Of these, eight are human playable, six are computer only. All races are useable by the computer, but behave very differently when outside player control.

Of these races, eleven are returning from previous games, while three are original to Stars Beyond Reach.

Race Name Description First appearance Playable? Key Details
Acutians The Last Federation No Massive Polluters. If you are downwind, it will come for you. Very Aggressive.
Andors The Last Federation No Not very Aggressive. Immune to Pollution.
Boarines The Last Federation Yes 50% Helipad Attack Strength. One type of terraforming terrain. Poor Optimal Temperature
Burlusts The Last Federation Yes Very Aggressive. Infinite repair points.
Evucks The Last Federation Yes Very Aggressive. Massive Polluters.
Fenyn Stars Beyond Reach Yes Hazmats are 40% effect. Terraforming Terrain has pollution scrubbing.
Krolin Stars Beyond Reach Yes Lobster Power
Neinzul AI War No
Peltians The Last Federation Yes 90% less effective Ground troops. 400% more Troops.
Skylaxians The Last Federation Yes
Spire AI War No
Thoraxians The Last Federation No Very Aggressive.
Yali Stars Beyond Reach No
Zenith AI War Yes

Differences between Player and AI Races

In Stars Beyond Reach there is a difference if a player controls a race or the AI. The most significant difference is that regardles of which race the player chooses, he always has access the same technology tree and buildings. Some social skills however might change related to the race. AI races have access to race related buildings that change both the appearance and funtionality of specific buildings. This means also that AI races play a little different compared to the player. Soem core buildings are however always the same only the look is different. Races controlled from the Ai behave also a little different compared if the player would control the same race.