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Stars Beyond Reach is the ninth title by Arcen Games, released in 2015. It is a hybrid of 4X and city building simulator where players control an alien race arriving on an already populated planet ruled by an enigmatic spectre. It is set in the same universe as AI War and The Last Federation, light years and millennia apart from the events of either one.

Version History

Table of contents

TechType PositionIDinPlacementFile BaseScienceCost SocialLevel Passive Building 1 Building 2 Building 3
AdvancedHandWeaponsTraining 2000 8 NA
AdvancedLinguistics 1400 3 NA
AdvancedMilitaryLeadership 6000 14 Coordinated Military Leadership
AquiferSurveys 2000 8 Advanced Water Well
ArchitecturalAestheticism 380 City Park Shrine
ArchitecturalTraining 24 Engineering Firm Condominiums Repair Crew
AutomatedTeleportation 7000 Remote Automated Teleporter
Biochemistry 3200 Advanced Fuel Mixer Commerical Chemical Plant Industrial Chemical Processor
Biology 16 Rural Farm Terrarium Dome
Brewing 400 6 Lager House Fighting Arena
BrokerageLicensing 400 3 Stock Exchange
BudgetCommittees 1700 NA
BulkTeleportation 6000 20 Industrial Teleporter
CivilService 80 Cemetary Linguistic Research Center Police Station
CommercialShipbuilding 400 Seaport Fishery Coastguard
CreativeWriting 1600 Guild Hall Literary Society
CrowdSuppression 600 6 Riot Police
CulinaryArtistry 320 1 Fine Dining
DeepDrilling 1400 Advanced Mining Facility Advaced Basement Mining Facility
DeepOceanDrilling 1600 4 Sea Mining Platform Advanced Sea Mining Platform
DenseComputing 430 Computing Cluster
Drilling 1200 1 Oil Power Plant Mining Facility Basement Mining Facility
EconomicEmbargoes 8000 16 Blockade Checkpoint
EconomicPlanning 2 4000 12 International Bank
EfficientIncineration 4400 Biomass Power Plant Crematorium
EfficientMaterialsRecovery 4200 Recycling Center
EmergencyMedicine 600 2 Major Trauma Center Cryo Sleep
EnhancedHorticulture 500 Harvest Facility Extraction Facility
Epidemiology 600 4 Disease Control
ExpandedSonar 1100 Sonar Mapping Station Sonar Surveyor
FlightControl 90 Helipad Anti-Air Tower
FormalizedDiplomacy 600 2 Civic Center Embassy
GeneManipulation 7000 8 Genetic Optimizer
GroundwaterStudies 30 Water well
HighCapacityLiving 80 Apartment Dump Hazmat
Hydroponics 2900 4 Hydroponics Farm
HydrothermalConvection 3200 6 Geothermal Power Plant
IndependentCooking 50 Cheap Diner Middle-Class Eatery
InteriorBallistics 500 1 Missile Silo Scout Station
LanderRecordsRecovery 40 1 Science Lab History Museum
LandscapeGrading 6000 20 Terrain Riser
LargeProfileStealthFrames 1800 3 Remote Engineering Brigade Air Cargo Bay
LiquidLeadCooling 1200 2 Nuclear Plant Small Battery Array
LithiumNanofiber 3800 6 Large Battery Array Teleporter Array
LithosphericGeophysics 4600 10 Superdeep Borehole
MagmaDeflection 9300 18 Artificial Volcano
MassCommunication 2100 Broadcast Station
MicroProduction 24 Factory Small Solar Wind Turbine
MicrowaveTransmission 4000 5 Microwave Electrical Transfer Tower
MindControl 8800 12 Thought Conditioning Device
MolecularSecurity 9000 10 Moleular Security Control
MonsterContainment 9100 Monster Pit
NanoWormholes 9500 20 Ansible
NeoHistorism 600 2 Luxury Housing Philosopharium
OperaticTraining 1900 Opera House
PerovskiteSolarCells 2800 3 Large Solar Collector
PhysicianTraining 50 Accelerated Birthing Center Small Hospital
PlanetaryInsight 8900 NA
Plasmafication 8100 9 Waste-To-Power Plant
ProductDevelopment 700 3 Inventor's Workshop Warehouse
ProtectivePaneling 500 4 Basement Living Quarters Blast Panel
RadiologicalWarfare 9990 25 Cobalt Bomber Launcher
RetailTraining 48 Bank Shopping Mall
SignalsIntelligence 9990 25 Panoptican
SpireGift1_SpaceCenterResearchAndDevelopment 1 99
SpireGift2_SpaceCenterAstronautComplex 1 99
SpireGift3_SpaceCenterVehicleAssemblyBuilding 1 99
SpireGift4_SpaceCenterLaunchPad 1 99
SpireGift5_SpaceCenterMissionControl 1 99
SpyTraining 1800 4 Spy Safehouse
StatisticalMiningModels 3400 7 NA
Supercapacitors 9400 11 Super-Capacitor Laser Super-Capacitor Shield
Supercavitation 4000 11 Supercavitating Torpedo Platform
Terraforming 1200 1 NA
ThiefRecruitment 2400 9 Thief
WeaponsProduction 32 Barracks Guard Post

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