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Hi there. You can say or answer things in a section or start a new one. There's also a forum topic. The biggest thing you should avoid is changing the statements of others in discussions, like in this one. Text that's not behind the scenes but in articles themselves, as in lists of building types or game options or starting conditions, etc., is allowed and expected to be changed (and shouldn't therefore be signed). --Kizor (talk) 17:41, 12 April 2015 (CDT)

You can use intendation (like on this line) to show who you're replying to, and sign with --~~~~ --Kizor (talk) 17:47, 12 April 2015 (CDT)
Can someone create a SBR FAQ/Guide/whatever set of pages? Here is starter content to be moved over.

Rather than post this in the forum where people will read it and become nonblind testers, I'm sticking it here. If you guys want to move, use, edit, whatever it. Feel free. Consider it the start of a beginings quick guide to SBR and refer people to it when they have trouble getting running.

No Money - Build Banks, Build Police around Banks. Too Much Pollution - Wind blows smog to the right. Only build to the left of your pollution producers. Build overlapping Hazmats to clean up the smog cloud. Too Much Liter - Build Dumps, quickly. Disable or bulldoze your resource extractors. Too Much Crime - You are probably going to die. Build overlapping police, bulldoze or disable pollution and litter creating buildings. Otherwise reload. Build police so that every building is within the radius of a police. It is the total police versus total crime that triggers riots. Pollution and litter will cause huge amounts of crime, so have extra police power. Too Much Disease - You are probably going to die. Try researching to Disease Treatment and build the disease building. Otherwise reload. Too Much Planetary Hatred - Build Shrines. No Meals - You need Farms, Water, and Restaurants. No Crops - Build Farms No Restaurants - Build Restaurants No Water - Build Water Wells No Defense - Build Anti-Air and Guard Posts No Attackers - Build Barracks, Missiles, Sea Ports, and Coast Guard. Bemindful of Planet hatred.

No Current Problems - Don't believe it for a second. Use the different overlays to keep track of upcoming problems and identify hot spots of trouble. No Building Slots - Build an Engineer. You need to stop problems before they happen. You need 10-20k income, build banks. You need 1-3 Police around each bank. You need 1-2 engineers. Try to neutralize pollution by using Hazmats. Overlapping coverage is necessary. Higher level buildings produce pollution. Build Dumps when you are are halfway to your maximum incinerator volume. Build a Graveyard around 1k population. When expanding, build electricity, water, food, and restaurants before you build housing.