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Starward Rogue, released January 22nd 2016, is a procedurally-generated roguelike-ish kinda-space-based dungeon-y crawlerish can-be-twin-stick-or-keyboard+mouse definitely-shooter. Wow we need to get better at describing this thing.

Help Meee!

Some tips and tricks for new or advanced players

Version History

Hello to all players!

Welcome! Feel free to add information about SR that'll be useful for other players, that will improve the wiki's coverage of the game, or that you just like to add. Registration is optional. Don't worry that you might break things on the way, the wiki keeps full records of changes and things can be fixed later. Right now, the priority is getting something useful.

You can ask - or answer - any questions on this page's talk page. Also feel free to ask for help in editing, tell us what things have kept you from editing, point out issues that the place is having, or suggest new content even if you're not the one adding it yourself.

XML Documentation

Modding is a big part of the game's capabilities, but even more than for modding this is used for actually scripting ALL of the enemies and bullets and whatnot for the game. So having some solid documentation on it that everyone can access is pretty important. If you're not going to mod or develop the game, you don't need any of this, though!