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On the 'L' menu (you must be in a run with Temp Dev Mode enabled) there's a "Run Dev Script" button next to a dropdown. That dropdown will have one item for each .xml file in the Configuration/DevScripts/ directory.

To run a script, pick it from that dropdown and click "Run Dev Script".

You can re-run the last script you ran by pressing Ctrl+F8.

Example dev script:
<entity type="PressureShotgun" category="ItemPickup" offset_from_player="50,150" />


The only node type supported in dev scripts for now is "entity", which is basically "spawn this entity when the script is run".

  • type (entity)
    • the internal name of the entity type to spawn
  • category (string)
    • basically this is "ItemPickup" for things you should pick up, and "Enemy" (the default) for everything else
  • offset_from_player (ArcenPoint)
    • tells it to spawn the entity at the player's current location, offset by this X,Y
  • offset_from_center (ArcenPoint)
    • tells it to spawn the entity at the center of the room, offset by this X,Y