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Game Content AI War Base GameExpansion Pack 1: The Zenith Remnant
Expansion 2: Children of NeinzulExpansion 3: Light of the Spire
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Enemy AI Types and AI Options AI Characteristics: (Easier - Moderate - Harder - Technologist) ♦ AI Behavior ModifiersCore Shield GeneratorsAvengerHybrid HivesAdvanced HybridsAstro TrainsBeachheads
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Ships and Structures Fleet ShipsStarshipsSpirecraftTurretsGuardiansGuard PostsMilitary StructuresEconomic StructuresGolemsWarheadsAstroTrains
Combat Mechanics Ammunition Types and Ship ImmunitiesArmor Types and Bonus DamageArmor (Damage Reduction)Engines and Speed (including Tractor Beams and Gravity Effects)Force Field InteractionsCloaking and Tachyon Beams(Stealth)
Economic Mechanics Crystal and Metal HarvestingEnergy GenerationScience and Knowledge and Hacking the AIBuild Time and Constructors (including Repair)

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