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Ammo Type Armor Type Immunities Damage Bonuses
None Polycrystal Fusion Cutters, Black Hole Machines, Tractor Beams, Tachyon Beams, Reclamation, Being Scrapped, Paralysis Attacks, Transport, Swallow, Force Fields, Nuclear Explosions, Being Insta-Killed, EMPs, Translocation None

Damage Attack Range Reload Health Armor Speed Engine Health Single Ship DPS Abilities
None None None 4,000,000 20 0 Inf None Cloaking, Blind, Requires Supply, Stores up to 1,000,000 Metal, Boosts Command Station Salvage Rate by 409%, Resists 44% of Implosion Damage

Requirements Metal Cost Energy Cost Build Time
Fallen Spire Campaign 2,000,000 0 00:30:00