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TLFAcutianIcon.png Acutians
Alignment Evil
Ship strength
Ground strength 3
Construction speed 3
Shipbuilding speed 1.7
Research speed Medium
Population growth Slow
Cold, robotic capitalists? Absolutely not.

Cold, robotic capitalists. One of the more dangerous races, as they are always looking to make new "acquisitions" and they are able to immediately have any citizens become soldiers.


Being an evil race, the Acutians will greedily seize planets of weaker races if given the chance. Their manufacturing bonus, good tech level and capable ground troops often give them the advantage in war. All Acutian citizens are soldiers.

Between the three leading CEOs, they generally have a fair to good set of deal options, potentially including the planetcracker. This is their chief unique ability, allowing the player to completely destroy a particularly recalcitrant enemy planet at the cost of an uncolonized moon (and being universally reviled by the races of the solar system). The Acutians will also use a planetcracker if they feel sufficiently threatened.

Being a robotic race, they have a slightly different tech tree from the organic races, and suffer from different diseases.


Acutians don't really have politics, so much as they do ascendant capitalists. Out of the 17 industries that the Acutians organize themselves into, they choose 3 that are most powerful at the time, and choose their top CEOs from those industries to represent their planet as the Business Elite. Industry Quorums are held periodically, and if the power of various industries has shifted, then leadership will also shift. You can influence this by helping or hindering what Acutian Industry Buildings are constructed or sabotaged. You can also bribe CEOs to get discounts on Credit costs of deals in their industry.

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