The Last Federation:Betrayed Hope

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The Last Federation: Betrayed Hope was released on November 14, 2014 after an open Beta period. It came with many improvements to the base game that were free to all owners of the game, as well as two entirely new game modes as expansion features.

Betrayal Mode

Destroy a race and replace them with your own empire. Manage your own fleets and take over entire planets with solar domination as your goal.

Invasion Mode

Defend the solar system (and yourself) from the invading Obscura threat.

Key free features

Here are a few key changes that were release as free features along with game version 2.0:

  • Auto-resolve option for battles.
  • Tons of improvements to GUI clarity, explanatory tooltips, etc.
  • Permadeath made optional (and off by default).
  • Awesome new ship graphics for during battles.
  • New Burlust "Turmoil" mechanic.
  • New ways to persuade races to join the federation.
  • New actions that NPC-races take when it seems appropriate to them.
  • Six new quests.
  • Added player actions to support a ground invasions, oppose them, or simply start bombing stuff independently.
  • Added the Ark and the Mire, two randomly seeded unique buildings that help make each game different.
  • Major improvements to how RCI, Attitude, and Influence numbers work so that they make more sense to the player.
  • Major revisions to widely-disliked missions like "Clean up AFA", "Deliver Spacefaring Technology", etc.
  • Radical shifts to solar map pacing and many revisions to how actions work to increase player agency.
  • New moddable "Bullet Pattern" engine that allows some really crazy new behaviors for enemy shots. Tons of new and revised bullet patterns.
  • You can now do practice combats at the black market to try out tactics or just enjoy blowing up tons of ships.
  • Substantial CPU/GPU performance improvements.
  • Rebalancing both in combat and on the solar map.
  • Multitudinous bugfixes.

The Last Federation